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Trauma & Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Functional Alchemy

the intersection of homeopathy, depth psychology, and somatics

 Journey into the unconscious
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"The alchemists of old illustrated this pilgrimage of man towards liberation by their various processes, tinctures, and manipulations. Their vessels laboratories, metals and transmutations were so many names for the one and the same thing, namely, the illumination of the human soul and her redemption from matter. The well–known saying, to dissolve and coagulate: meant nothing but to tear asunder the bonds of passion binding the soul to matter and having dissolved even the most subtle threads of desire and attachment, to turn the life stream upwards and to coagulate it with the pure elements of the Soul. The vessel in which this process takes place is the body of man. This vehicle of manifestation is the crucible in which the pure gold is tried and proven, the alloy and the dross burned away, so that only the sterling substance remains." 

– Elias Gewurz


Vanessa Black

doctoral candidate, M.A., D.Hom


     Vanessa has had a practice in the healing arts for over 30 years. Her focus and deep love has always been healing through touch based somatic modalities including: deep tissue massage, shiatsu, and restorative yoga.

     Several years ago, she decided to fulfill

her long-time passion for homeopathy by becoming a classically trained homeopath.

Upon completion of a three-year

homeopathic program she felt like she

wanted a deeper understanding of 

how our individual psyches and somas communicate what is needed for healing through physical symptoms and mental. emotional states. 

     This call led her to Pacifica Graduate 

Institute's Depth Psychology-Somatic Emphasis PhD program. Her understanding

of theory and capacity for application provides her with a unique client led approach to homeopathy called Functional Alchemy.

     As a practitioner, Vanessa accompanies 

clients on the deep dive into physical symptoms, as well as expressions of

mental, emotional, and spiritual states.

She utilizes somatic attunement, dreamwork, active imagination, images, metaphors, symbols, and alternate states of consciousness as entry points for inquiry and integration.

     Through this inquiry process clients are able to navigate the deep waters of their own consciousness, thus accessing vitality, meaning making, and alignment with their deeper purpose.



Vanessa has been my primary go-to for mental health for

 about a year. My life has changed exponentially for the better since we first began. When I reached out to her I was at my wits end. I had been in psychiatric care with the VA in both inpatient and outpatient roles for over a decade. I was taking over 22 prescribed pills daily.

My thoughts were overwhelmed by suicidal thoughts and plans that I could not navigate. Over our time together.

I am happier than I have been in my adult life. I now am on

no prescribed medications what-so-ever! Vanessa has helped me see life in a way that has bettered my own life, my marriage and my ability to parent my children. My suicidal ideation are a distant memory. I am beyond blessed. ​

Veteran Suffering from PTSD and suicidal ideation – Kansas



Consultation Fee $125

Fees are for professional time which includes: Appointments, phone calls, as well as

text and email support as needed. Fees for remedies, gemmotherapy tinctures, cell

salts, and flower essences are charged separately, or can be obtained independently by the client.


Payment: The client is responsible for payment of all fees at time of service. *Please note: All clients are required to keep a current credit card on file during treatment for ease of payment (AmEx, Visa, or MasterCard). This helps keep consultations affordable. 


Cancellation Policy: If it is necessary to cancel or reschedule an appointment, notification of schedule change must be made at least 48 hours in advance.

Appointments that are missed or cancelled late represent dedicated block of time

set aside for the client and will be charged the full fee to the credit card on file.

Sessions are done by Zoom or VSee for client convenience.