Vanessa has been my primary go-to for mental health for just over a

year. My life has changed exponentially for the better since we

first began. When I reached out to her I was

at my wits end. I had been in psychiatric care with the VA in both inpatient and outpatient roles for over a decade. I was taking over

22 prescribed pills daily. My thoughts were overwhelmed by

suicidal thoughts and plans that I could not navigate. Because of our

work together I am happier than I have been in my adult life. I

now am on no prescribed medications what-so-ever! Vanessa has

helped me see life in a way that has bettered me, my

marriage and my ability to parent my children. My suicidal ideation

are a distant memory. I am beyond blessed.

Veteran suffering from PTSD and suicidal ideation – Kansas ​

As a marriage family therapist trained in depth psychology,

I find Vanessa's work insightful and streamlined. Surprisingly, our work

always expands beyond where I think we will go. We always go where

I need to go. In my experience, her depth work with homeopathy

is a wonderful alternative to the hours and months that traditional psychotherapy often takes. The immediacy of her ability to help clients access the here and now, is something I genuinely appreciate.

Marriage family therapist – Northern California

Vanessa is an incredibly talented homeopathic practitioner and

intuitive. I have been working with her over a year on specific trauma

work and it has greatly contributed to a felt shift and deeper integration

that has touched nearly every part of my life. Vanessa's depth

psychological approach, incorporating dreamwork and active

imagination, compliments and enhances the remedies with dramatic,

yet gentle, potency. She is highly attentive, supportive, and compassionate. 

She holds space and witnesses with immense compassion and deeply

rooted presence. I experienced feeling so seen and safe

while engaging in the work and that has allowed me to meet challenges

and experience marked growth and transformation. 

Professor suffering PTSD after mass shooting – Massachusetts

She asked questions, listened to my answers and helped me begin to

dig deeper into what was bothering me. That’s really important, as she

treats the whole person, not just one symptom. Her non-judgmental

listening and suggestions, and even homework, has made such a

difference for me. She helps me see with more clarity, guides me more

deeply into my thought process and associations, and has helped me

to be kinder to myself. She researches treatments and reviews outcomes

to make sure we are getting good results with the remedies. She has

helped me so much. Life is getting better. I am grateful.

Retired county assessor immersed in grief after the loss of both her son and sister to cancer – Kansas

I have been working with Vanessa for over a year now, and have only the highest regard for her work. She is profesional while being personable, concise and informative but gentle, and with an excellent knack for making people comfortable. I have worked with many homeopaths, and am always stunned at Vanessa's incredible ability to make her vast knowledge accessible and understandable to the lay person. Her support and insight has yielded radical change in both my physical and mental health. I am always so impressed with the way she is able to understand exactly where I am and what I need long before I know it myself. Her keen intuition and easy going manner make sessions with her a breeze. I often feel like I have gotten deep healing work after one of our talks, as she so effortlessly brings me exactly to where I need to go with her questions and prompts...and that's before I've even gotten the remedy! I have rather layered and complex issues, and Vanessa has taken on my case like a champ, helping me to understand and find meaning in the transformation process as I heal piece by piece. I am so thankful for her services, and can't recommend her highly enough!


Artist and Energy Healer – Wisconsin