The Art of Practice Series



Session one: common Ground

October 1, 2020 5-7 pm (PDT)

hosted by the Homeopathic Study Network (North America) on Facebook

Personally, or by way of a loved one, we have all experienced

illness, grief, trauma, or crisis. Interestingly, it is often illness, grief,

trauma, or crisis that brings clients through our doors and into our

Zoom rooms. These shared, although individualized experiences foster

within us compassion and empathy, as we accompany our clients on

their healing journeys. Despite our capacity for compassion, empathy,

and even love, the impact of working with traumatized clients in

a trauma inducing world impacts us as practitioners. Common Ground 

looks at the practitioner client relationship through

the lens of two humans having a human experience.

Session two: Practitioner Needs

December 10, 2020 5-7 pm (PST)


Self-awareness is the key to mastering any skill. This course looks at the individualized needs of practitioners in their uniquely evolving practices






Session three: Client Needs

February 11, 2021 5-7pm (PST)

A rudimentary understanding of attachment styles, neuroscience, 

and the placebo effect can help to illuminate ways 

we can strengthen the dyadic relationship and build rapport 

with the people we work with.