Depth Psychology

Depth psychology is a form of inquiry that explores that which is below the surface – the unconscious.


A depth psychological approach to inner work acknowledges the individual's personal symbols, metaphors, imaginations, sychronicities, dreams,

and states of consiousness. It is through personal associations and realizations that one is able to make meaning out of their experiences. In addition to

meaning making, inner work gives us deeper insight into 

what motivates our actions and behaviors.


Explorations into our own psyches fosters conscious engagement with the

deeper purpose of our lives, while allowing us to simultaniously pull back unconscious aspects of the self from collective unconsciousness,

and the cosmos.


Both homeopathy and somatics intersect with depth psychological

principles, as they all honor physical symptoms. It is our

symptoms that point the way to the wound. At the very least, symptoms

show us where to dig.


"Until you make the unconsious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate ."

                                              – Carl Jung